Hi! My name is Jeremy (Jez) Hart and I own and operate Hart Pest Management Pty Ltd.

Established in 2007 I have built it from the ground up. I (the proverbial “we”) do not use employees, subbies or any other third parties. (except book keeper and accountant) When you call, I will answer the phone, It will be me who arrives on your doorstep, and should you need a service call it will be me who comes back!

We provide a service, not just a treatment! Every one of our invoices has the word “service” on it. Despite what some companies try to claim, pest control is NOT an exact science, There are so many variables in any given environment that occasionally a service call may be required. This is not a problem, in fact I’d prefer to know so that I can further improve my techniques or re-evaluate my chemicals as needs be.

  • I only use Family & pet friendly chemicals
  • I use the latest & safest chemicals available to the industry, and constantly moving with the times as increasingly efficient products become available to the industry.

No call centers, I answer the phone, I do the job, I provide the back-up service.