For best effect in the treatment of spiders, it is preferable to spray them or their webs. Spiders actually walk on “claws” which are a cuticle rather like our fingernails or toenails, so chemicals are less likely to be absorbed into their system just by casual contact. To help facilitate control, we recommend that you don’t remove the webs prior to spraying and to leave webs undisturbed for a couple of weeks after.

We will treat inside your house, around skirting boards, behind solid furniture (if space available), bottoms of wardrobes, bathrooms, laundry

We will ask you if you have any specific problems when we arrive, we need to know if you have sighted white tail spiders as the
treatment is slightly different, though all covered in the one low cost of course.

We will treat your roof void using an insecticidal dust, and similar treatment is used if you have a sub-floor.

Externally we will treat all areas of your house that are accessible from ground level, which is achievable on most domestic dwellings.

Please read the Residential section of this site if you have pets.