Commercial FAQ

At Hart Pest Management, we are experienced in most aspects of commercial work, from Rodent control to large warehouses to the treatment of German Cockroaches in a restaurant kitchen. No matter if it is a one off, or a program of control, we can do it.

What about paperwork?

Despite being a small company, we are professional and can supply you with whatever paperwork you may require complying with your WHS or another accreditation needs. Our technician is conversant and qualified in food production hygiene and modern OH&S requirements in most commercial situations.

What chemicals will we be using?

As far as possible, and for most cases, we will be using the safest and most modern chemicals available today. For the most part these are in a category known as “synthetic pyrethroids”. There are products that we use that contain other categories, but these are generally in very small doses such as in gels or aerosols. Whatever it is, you will have the SDS for it on the file supplied on request.

Can you get Rid of My German Cockroaches?

Certainly! The introduction of a single female, or a single egg case(ootheca) is all it takes, it can happen to anyone. Having a cockroach problem does not necessarily mean your premises are unclean, they may have been introduced in new stock. In any case, we do not judge you. Having worked in the food industry and ran a food outlet as a business we know how hard it is, so our advice is always going to be realistic and practical.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an established cockroach problem, don’t worry, we can eradicate them quickly and efficiently. We don’t lock you into contracts or on-going “plans” You decide what you want and what you want to pay for.
Hart Pest Management Pty Ltd uses the latest, safest, and best chemicals in the industry.