Possums are a native Australian Marsupial, they are also a right pain to those who have them where they shouldn’t be, which is usually in your roof
void! They make a terrible noise, cause sleeplessness to their unintentional hosts, and cause structural damage to houses. Despite this, they are protected by law and we are not allowed to harm them, and neither would we want to!
What we can do, is either humanely trap them in a cage (with a big juicy apple to keep them going!) and release them outside. In the meantime, we proof the house against re-entry (if it is a small job only, for larger jobs you will need to contact a builder to carry out proofing). Or, where possible we will install a one-way hatch that lets them out and not back in again!

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to do anything about possums that are OUTSIDE!

They have a perfect right to be there and annoying as they may be they cannot be removed. No exceptions!
Possums are territorial and will return from significant distances if taken further afield, which in any case is illegal.
Sorry! We can’t take on possum work during the summer months due to seasonal demands for general pest control.